Fairy Tail ~ Review

My experiences with anime have stayed with me forever and always. Whether it be from when I was young, or just last week. I enjoy a vast majority of genres of anime as well, ranging from romantic all the way to sci-fi.

However, in all of that time, none have stuck with me as long and hard as Fairy Tail.

For those of you who haven’t given this series a shot, or don’t know the premise of the show, here’s a small summary of the show.

Natsu Dragneel is a fire mage for the guild Fairy Tail. With his partner, Happy, he travels the world in search of his father, Igneel the dragon. When they meet Lucy Heartfilia, an aspiring Celestial wizard, they join forced and have adventures they’ll never forget. Together, they fight off forces of evil you would never imagine!

When I first started watching, I was dumbfounded by Natsu’s destructive antics, and Lucy’s ego was an interesting turn of events. I wasn’t sure what to think, but I kept going, wanting to understand the whole idea of the show. Then it hit me.

Fairy Tail was their home away from home. The place to leave their troubles at the door. They’re family, they’re brothers and sisters with fiery determination to match their kind calm nature. Through all the brawls, through all the drama, they’re always there for one another. It was completely enticing, fascinating to watch, in every way.

The variety to the story line keeps things interesting, never too short or too long. Every episode had purpose, even if it were for a little filler. The ideas were completely unique to the anime, not mirroring any other anime I’ve seen.

After awhile, it was annoying that there was a lack of loss, whether that be in the terms of death or loss in battle. It was too perky, happy, and Fairy Tail always triumphed. As if hearing my call, Hiro Mashima slowly made the show more..dark. It showed that loss was inevitable, even if there seemed to always be happiness around.

Rewatching wasn’t an issue either, (yes, I’m the person that’ll rewatch the show over and over) because the more you watch it, the more you realize how dang much they foreshadow. Sure it’s a long series, but from the beginning they hint at far later arcs, which is a skill that’s difficult to accomplish. It was definitely worth every minute.

Loss, love, the fandom itself, victory, defeat: all of those moments want you to run to Fiore yourself, just so you can experience every moment. Their world, their loyalty, all of it truly is enticing.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start up episode one, and I’m sure soon enough you’ll learn to appreciate it in the same way!

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