Full Metal Alchemist ~ Review

Welcome back one and all!- theanimegeek returns to review an anime, one I’ve just recently completed over the summer. Yes it has brothers, yes it has war, yes- it is Full Metal Alchemist.

All of us anime fans have at least heard of Full Metal Alchemist, but until I started it? I didn’t know what to believe. Even if it isn’t the original one (which is the one I’m covering), Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is on the table too. It was the summer, so hey, why the heck not! Binging is what you’re supposed to do during the summer.. right? No? Well, that’s what I do, so there!

Don’t worry, the sarcasm can stop, I’ll have some critiques this time!- Promise!

Here’s a little ol’ summary of the show for all you curious readers out there!

Edward and Alphonse Elric are two alchemists searching for something they’ve lost: Edward his arm and leg, Alphonse his entire body. Alchemists together, they look for the fabled Philosopher’s Stone, an object that is said to be able to do anything – even resurrect the dead.  Such a stone can cause a lot of chaos, and the boys constantly run into an enemy greater than they can imagine. 

Okay, not the greatest summary in the world, but at leat it sums it up decently.. right?

Anyway, the Elric Brothers. They are an interesting pair for sure, but the difference in their personality’s is always a nice change. Edward is the eldest (and the shortest) and has a fiery temper, while Alphonse, the youngest, is sweet and caring of others. I will say though, Edward’s personality can be annoying as he doesn’t progress as a character – he mostly stays the same. Same cocky attitude, same childish reactions. Come on Ed, you grew up. Act that way.

What I do enjoy about them is that they aren’t afraid to move towards something they want. They’re ambitious, and I will be the one to say they are willing to break the mold. Young teenagers? Ehh they’d rather become Alchemists.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a terrible, terribly, sad anime when it wants to be, showing that even it can break the most well movie rules – never hurt kids or animals. But heeyyy I’ll save that for another time… heh. Until then I’ll just stay here.. alone..

The villians (who I won’t reveal the identity of) are pleasing for those who love a good villain, but oh god can they be a-holes. You’ll understand me if you watch. They have a reason for what they do, like every character. No one follows blind orders. Everyone does things for their own reasons, whether good or bad, which is pleasing. Characters who don’t question anything can be pretty annoying after awhile.

Character development? Besides a few, no problem. They all learn from their mistakes and try to work on what they want. Nothing is just a blind promise. Nothing. Another upside? The flaws of the human race, which we all ultimately have, are still present. This show shows us what happens when we take things too far. How far people are willing to go when it comes the power, or how far people will go to prevent that.

It’s absolutely stunning, nothing falls short, and the short list of things that do fall short are easily understood, and easily forgiven in the grand scheme of the concepts.

So my word anime fans? Go for it. Nothing can make you enjoy all genres than a little push into the darker side of anime. Am I right? So let’s travel there together, and soon after you’ll feel like me.

Full Metal Alchemist, bravo. The sadness, the loss, and yes, the little chunks of comedy throughout made me enjoy quite a lot. We’ll probably see you a lot later on, but it’s good to put a baseline down, am I right?

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