Life as an Anime Geek

Life on the anime stream can be a little difficult at times. This can be determined rather easily. For me, it can be pretty darn challenging. Going to a school with not very many anime fans is frustrating at times, but there are ways to cope.

When I moved into this new school, that’s when I realized how much people’s interests can vary. It was surprising, new, and frankly, I didn’t quite find the ratio I was looking for.

There are a few ways that I dealt with it, and I feel like they’re important to share. So far, I have a few very important tid-bits of knowledge.

  1. Just go for it. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. It doesn’t matter the scenario, if you see someone that could have the same interests of you, start a conversation. No matter how awkward. Bring something up, ask if they like the show/thing that made you curious in the first place.
  2. Say hi to everybody you chat with everyday. You’d be surprised how many people have surprised me. I’ve made friends with people who totally love anime, and have seen either 10x more than you or even less than you.
  3. You’ve got to start somewhere. The truly great friends will like ya no matter the anime addiction. Just be sure to balance it out.

It was tough my first year, and it continues to be hard. Sometimes you just don’t ‘click’ with the people you know. Sometimes you become clueless and upset, and sometimes you feel like giving up entirely.

It pays off in the end I’ve found. Even if my friends don’t necessarily ‘get’ it, they understand that it’s important to me.

There are a few moments where I love it. Anime-con, family time, huge debates, all of these things make it worth while. Anime-con made me feel amazing, just because I knew just by looking around that the people I was with were the people that understood. Maybe not as big of a fan, maybe even more. I get to watch anime with my family, and the debates with my close friends get heated but are so, so worth it.

As a full geek, I feel like as long as you watch your step with how far you take your geek-ige, you’re fine. I learned that the hard way. I tried shielding it away from the people I met, and I regretted it.. and it came out anyway. Either way, those moments can be strange, but they can be so great. People can see your passion, and most will accept it.

But heading into my streak of 24 anime and my second anime-con, I’m pretty confident. I may not have the largest amount of anime fans on my side, but I have some. I may not be the most social person, but I talk to people. I may be an anime geek, but I can relate to others!

My life may not be amazing 100% of the time, but it’s mine, and I’ll do whatever the heck I want with it. No matter what, I won’t forget the girl who showed me Fairy Tail, and I won’t forget about the many anime my parents have shown me. I’ll always take requests for what to watch next, and I’ll try my best to get through it all.

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