No hero is complete without a little help from their trusty ol’ sidekick. No, not a partner, not an animal, and heavens no, not a mystical power. I’m talking a good old fashioned, kick butt, reliable weapon.

Whether it be a gun, sword, or even something a bit more unorthodox, there’s always a sense of pleasure seeing the protagonist take hold of his mighty weapon and finally overcome every antagonist that comes their way. There are plenty of good weapons to choose from, so let’s discuss a few right here.

First, let’s talk about the ever popular humanoid weapon. These guys show up commonly in many anime, such as Noragami, Soul Eater, Durarara!!, Kill la Kill, and Bleach. Now, there’s only a few of those that I can actually take into account. In the spirit of credibility, I’ll do my best to cover all the bases.


What I find interesting about shows like this is their explanation of their weapons. Are they spirits? Souls? Mythological creatures or just from myths? It adds character to the story, and explanation for why they can do what they do. For me, it’s just satisfying. But more than anything, it’s more than just their weapon. If it breaks, it also means their friend dies. Their companion. To them, it’s more, and it definitely leads to more emotion and even more intrigue. To me, it’s more fascinating then any old sword or battleaxe.

Next on our list are weapons with a little bit of flare. Weapons that are unique in their own style, and are definitely remembered by fans of old and new. I’ll name a few of my favorites here, as boy, can they be fun to look back on time and time again. The Death Note from Death Note is noticeable, as of the unique way of death. You write someone’s name in the book while picturing their face, and boom, they’ll die of a heart attack. (Unless you write a different cause of death of course).

Of course there’s a little nostalgia in this post as well. Sailor Moon takes its first landing here on this blog and it hits hard! Oh Tuxedo Max, the idol of every young girls hopes and dreams for a guy. Romantic, smooth, and not bad looking. There is a different aspect I’d like to focus on today. His weapon. Now, in my youth I only made it through Season 1, but I’d like to say, his magical rose weaponry was interesting to say the least. You always knew when he was coming around because of his signature crystal rose hitting the floor. I found that always fascinating and curious for his character, but honestly it was relieving. Most weapons were showy and weapon like, but not these roses. Wow. Applause for those.

Finally, although they are not necessarily ‘magical’ weapons, let’s go into some of my favorites: guns. They’re seen across multiple genres and frankly are fun to watch. They have different styles of guns, and to me that’s just interesting. So I’ll quickly breeze over some of the many gun characters that can be seen in anime.

Death the Kid: 

Although technically this also fits in a previously stated category, I felt that it is suited here too. Death the Kid is in interesting character with his friends Liz and Patty. His style of fighting is fascinating, as he holds the triggers with his pinkies. These twin pistols shoot out a little of his own soul wavelength, and his acrobatics sure add a little flare as well.

Spike Spiegal: 

From one of the anime that sticks close to my heart, Cowboy Bebop, Spike loves to mess with his opponents with his cocky attitude and hot temper, but without his trusty gun he wouldn’t have gotten very far! His style is more common place because of the placement of the plot and setting, but his signature dodging bullets stays in my heart for every moment of his anime.


Yet again I find another not very well known anime, but Noragami was a fascinating plot point for its time. Bishamon, the god of war, has a vengeance against the main character Yato. With determination and out to kill, her and her trusty gun go after him at all times. What makes her unique is that she rides a lion through the city streets, with her gun, whip, and several other helpful weapons. She’s a bad ass, which is neat for her personality.

Vash the Stampede: 

Released very close to a previously mentioned anime, Trigun was one of the very first anime that I ever set my eyes on. Vash is a dorky cute character with a mysterious past and a darker side. His iconic silver gun was shown throughout the show, not to mention his secret other weapon. He used it in a normal fashion, except that his wicked fast reaction times make him nearly never hit in battle. Dodging a blaze of bullets? No problem! When you live on his planet, anything is possible.

Well there you have it folks! All the different weapons that I cared to share at the moment! If there’s any I missed I’ll be sure to bring them up in a later blog post! My list of anime that I’ve watched is growing every month, so I’ll hopefully have more and more to write about as I go!

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