Lost Song – Review!


Although it’s a sad realization, it’s easy for me to acknowledge that most of the anime I’ve seen are from Netflix. Although this can be relatively ideal, as I don’t have any other streaming services. The fact that the Crunchyroll for free has five ads per episode, I tend to gravitate towards the easy Netflix binge.

This can be seen as both good and bad. For one, I’m able to listen to dubs of shows like  Full Metal Alchemist and Naruto. On the flip side, I have to deal with the several, several Netflix Original anime and live-action they spit out to try to gain attention.

There are a few that are good, and a few that are eh, and a few that are not so good. Very recently there was one that came out called Lost Song. Basically, it’s about this girl named Rin who has the mysterious power to make things happen when she sings, which leads into a journey of a lifetime.

I can’t share much more with out giving away many spoilers, but I’ll tell you one thing: Nothing is as it seems. Nothing. Believe me, it really isn’t what I was expecting at all. In twelve short episodes it goes from happy and optimistic to… something else.

I will say that it was rather enjoyable, the songs were catchy and I liked the idea behind the mysterious songs that were sung. The concept is well thought out, and makes a lot of sense on paper.

However, there are definitely a few things that could be done better, or even could’ve been removed. I guess there’s always that feeling with anything you watch, but there is more of that feeling here. I’ll try keeping my critiques brief, but we all know that I can definitely go overboard sometimes.

Most anime these day are only 12 episodes to start with, due to no one wanting to invest in a huge anime unsure if anyone would enjoy it. Even though it’s only twelve episodes, it’s really jam-packed with plot. Especially towards the end, they pushed too much story into the last five or six episodes. It got confusing towards the end, and in hindsight it is really, really hard to explain. I guess to me there was too much going on without much explanation for what was happening.

There’s characters you hate, and characters you love, and heck there’s characters that you really don’t have a stance on. Everyone has that with every anime they watch, even if all of those categories don’t necessarily exist in every anime. However, one person that I was evilly pleased with is Prince Rudo, the royal prince here. He’s a jerk, and doesn’t care at all for those he rules. Really Rudo, get your priorities straight!

So all and all, it was alright. I’d probably give it a 6 / 10 plot wise, but song wise? They were pretty darn catchy. I remember most of the lines for sure, and hours upon hours were used trying to find English translations for each song. It’s worth it in the end, especially with the funny translations that you find here and there.

What do you guys think? Binge for your own knowledge or another failed Netflix show? You decide for yourselves! This is theanimegeek, signing off.








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