K ~Review

I tend to find a lot of anime that no one’s seen, or at least has a small audience. This is definitely one of those anime. K has a few spin off series, like most decent anime, so I’ll just be focusing on the original series for this review.

K is about Yashiro Issana, a high school student in Japan who has a relatively normal life. Until one of the most powerful clans, the Red Clan, starts chasing after him to kill him- after he supposedly killed one of their own. They believe they have absolute proof, but Shiro himself doesn’t even remembering doing the said crime. Did he actually kill him? Or is he being framed for the crime? 

Now, there’s a lot of things I find interesting about this anime. Without spoilers, I’ll definitely try and cover all of my bases, and hopefully convince all of you to try it.

One of the things that really pleases me about this anime is it’s art style. It has a lot of the same concepts and patterns as older anime do, but still moving forward and becoming something entirely different. The reflection of light on characters’ hair is far more noticeable, and some of the colors are more dark in color and similar in shade, but with some bright pops from characters clothes or hair. It’s always interesting to see different anime take a route that you don’t suspect, instead of falling into the natural characteristics of style.


The plot’s interesting, reminiscent of Death Note in the sense that your watching the criminal versus the opposing side(s). It is different however, because for most of the show, you aren’t sure if Yashiro is truly a murderer, or is he telling the truth about being innocent. That’s what truly intriguing about the story. Even if right off the bat you form an opinion, it rocks you back in forth with more and more mysterious and drama revealed, keeping you on your toes until the very last minute when it’s revealed!

All and all, it’s a good anime, and I loved the Red Clan to death. Sure they’re destructive, violent, and literally yell “No blood, no bone, no ash!” when they want to destroy someone, but they’re a lovable bunch once you know them!

For me? This anime is a good one to binge. It’s short, sweet, has some good humor, yet also serious. It’s important to note however, there is a lot of swearing and there is a character that goes nude. Please do not watch if you have an issue with either of those things.

That’s all I have on this one! I’ll be sure to come back to this one once I’ve seen some of the sequels, or even if I wish to reference this anime in a later post.

So now it’s up to you, watch or not, that was my opinion on the anime known simply as K.

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