Soul Eater. The Ending. My Thoughts.

-Warning! This post contains spoilers for this anime! Only proceed if you do not care or have already seen this ending! You have been warned!–

Hello everyone, welcome to one of the few discussions that I’ve actually truly had so far.. that and the first post with a spoiler warning. 

After a nice Thanksgiving, with family, fun, and lots of turkey, I decided to come back around for a promised discussion on the ending on this anime. Now, for future reference, I’ve only watched the anime, so whatever may or may not continue on in the manga I have no knowledge of. Manga are expensive my friends, so if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been keeping tabs on the anime. Sorry. I’ll do my best later on. 

Anyway, with anime come interesting endings. Some are left open ended, some are very cut and dry, some don’t even feel like an ending. This one is sort of off in its own category, and for honesty’s sake, I’m not a fan. 

The final showdown: Asura versus the DWMA, all is at stake. No one is safe, neither side is a clear winner. The witch Arachnae has the Kishin wrapped around her finger, him attached to her so he simply does what she wishes. He’s got one thing to finish though: his fight with Lord Death. 

I will say, this scene was very tense. The one and only Kishin, super powerful and has no sense of morals. Madness consumed and  determined to be the victor. Lord Death was equally determined, with one weakness of course, his own son, Death the Kid, who happened to be watching from the sidelines. With his father down for the count, Kid steps in, the last grim reaper, running off to kill the final form of Asura. 

Of course, the cute little trio finds their way in, and they all fight the Kishin together. Here’s where things fall apart my friends, here’s where I start to dislike it. 

Of all times, OF ALL TIMES, they choose this very moment to make Soul crawl through his final moments with the black blood. I mean come on! Stein, Maka’s dad, no one even mentions it ever since it happens! Soul goes through almost the whole anime without a remembrance! 

And of course they can’t keep Kid’s epic god-like form. His soul expands, determined to kill the Kishin, even if he was freaking impaled. He becomes symmetrical, he becomes what he always has wanted. What does that get us people? What?! Well I’ll tell you what it doesn’t get us, a killed Kishin. 

Maybe I’m just overreacting, maayyybbeee. If it were only these things, I’m sure that I’d have a much better response. But the Maka versus Asura ending!!! 

The very fact that the fight didn’t end with a bang, but instead with a staring contest. Maka found her spirit and determination, which I’ll admit, it’s sweet and very cute.  Just not the ending that I was looking for. All this emotion, all this loss, the wars and almost dead characters.. for a staring contest. Asura is so confused, so utterly blind as to why Maka was still standing strong that he panics, which gives Maka the opening she needed to defeat him. I mean come on people, don’t end it with an ending that was basically “Friendship is Magic” with the knowledge that that’s how it’s going to end. 

It was just plain disappointing, and frankly I didn’t like it that much. I’m happy that Crona got her wish, I’m glad they started to resolve things, truly, these are things I really enjoy. But I wasn’t a fan of what they went with. 

But hey, that’s just me! Well said by me if I do say so myself, as this is probably one of the only anime this far I was frankly not entirely happy with. Let’s see how the anime road takes us, and here is another post by theanimegeek. 


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