Hey Guys! I’m back!!!

For a long, long time I was on a little bit of a break from the blog! I’ve been super busy binging Crunchyroll (I just got a premium membership- thank GOD), but I’ve also been worked in a whirlwind due to school.

But good news! I’ll finally be pushing on creating more posts for your entertainment! I’ve got even more fun and interesting little things for this blog, and I’m hoping to make it up to you guys!!

Make sure that you guys stop back in for my next post- and I’ll finally be tackling the ever popular My Hero Academia! I know I’m a little late to the party but in the month of January I watched the entire show. I’m excited to jump head first in, so don’t be surprised if it comes out today or tomorrow!

Again, so sorry for the long wait! I’ll be sure to try and upload *something* every week!

Hang in there!


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