My Hero Academia: Top 1-A Students

Hello everyone! I know yet again it’s been awhile, but I’m back with another interesting blog post! It’s the time a year where I return to reality from a little anime convention near me, so I’ve been catching up on as much anime as I can! As of the month of January, I finished Boko No Hero Academia, commonly known as My Hero Academia. So I decided, instead of doing a summary first, I wanted to start with a Top Ten (but today Twenty)! In the future, I’ll probably do plenty of My Hero Academia, but this is a good starting point!

So without further ado, here’s my list of Top (favorite) Class 1-A students!

20. Minoru Mineta

Oh man. There’s no way this guy would ever make it any higher on my list. This is scraping the bottom of the barrel people. I mean, just look at this guy. His quirk is literally to throw balls at people. No, not the kind down below, the kind in his hair. Those four little spheres are detachable and he can throw them to get people, or things, to stick to them. I mean come on, that’s bad enough, but he’s literally the creepiest, most perverted guy on the show. That’s all. Nothing more needs to be said. Goodbye.

19. Yuga Aoyama

Ah yes, climbing up the social and personality level. Although this guy is ignored by plenty of his classmates, he’s at least decent. Yeah he’s got a bit of an ego, and most of the time sparkles like he dumped a huge bucket of glitter over himself, but at least Aoyama is interesting. And for his quirk? Bellybutton laser. Hey, it’s pretty funny to watch, especially when he poses while he uses it. Over use? Try a stomach ache. Not the worst quirk in the world.

18. Mezo Shoji

Now if you’re looking for an interesting power, meet Mezo Shoji! Although I can’t really say much about his personality, his quirk is utterly fascinating to me. Being able to create copies of his own limbs? He’s a great guy to have on a team for sneak attacks, and it’s obvious that he would fair well! Throughout the series it’s shown that he can handle himself well, whether that be during finals or in any of the arcs. Bravo. He definitely holds together well besides scaredy cat Mineta or hiding Aoyama. But sadly, he doesn’t make that far on the list, as we don’t really see much of his personality. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I don’t pay attention, but hey, this is my opinion right?

17. Toru Hagakure 

Hagakure really doesn’t show up in any of the episodes.. heh. Get it? Doesn’t show up? Hm.. well any way, even though everyone says that they’d want some power of invisibility, imagine this girl! The poor thing has to walk around without any sort of indicator as to what she looks like!! And i’m pretty sure all of us are dying to know what she may or may not look like. Long hair? Short hair? Who knows! All of it is up for grabs! But honestly, besides that, we haven’t seen any practical use when it comes to fighting. I know I know, she’s a sneak attack kinda hero, but what can I say? Sometimes in shows like these, this kinda character never fits in quite as much. Besides, without any interesting quirky personality, I’m afraid this average high school girl that just happens to be invisible doesn’t make it very far for me.

16. Rikido Sato

See, it’s interesting that this guy ranks here among the classmates for me. Honestly, I barely saw this guy at all during the times that he was actually shown, or better yet had a line or two. They finally decided to include him, I honestly rather liked Sato. He’s a calm, innocent guy with a sweet tooth, and an enjoyment of baking. I personally love to bake, and that kinda resonates with me. I guess one of the reasons he’s not any higher is his quirk is strange, and I still can’t work out the little bits and pieces of it. But hey, what are you to do right?

15. Mashirao Ojiro

See, this is one of the characters that I’m a little more curious about. Sure his quirk is deemed “normal”, and that’s his whole running gag through most of the show, but I want to know: Why does he have that weird patch of hair on his shoulder? Why?? I demand to know why! Is it just there because it grows out of control, or is it some weird side effect of his quirk? Maybe I’m over thinking this, maybe it’s just there because the artist wanted it to be, but I demand to know!! To a otherwise average character, why would he have that one thing drastically different? I must know! And maybe that’s a stupid reason for him to be higher on my list, but his design is curious yet also rather enjoyable! So there! Reasoning down!

14. Hanata Sero

This guy probably has one of the more.. unique quirks. Sure there’s Mineta, with his weird sticky balls, Sato who’s able to eat sugar and gain muscle mass equal to that, and even Mina who literally shoots acid out of her, but who’d want any of those when you can be a literal tape dispenser? I mean, his helmet is literally formed to look like a scotch tape dispenser. Have you actually looked? No? Go google it. It’s been bothering me for a long, long time. Hey, I bet he’s handy at Christmas time or wrapping birthday presents, but he’s a pretty decent guy too. Well.. besides his friend choice I guess. But hey, who am I to judge? I have some pretty weird friends myself! But all in all, I do think he’d be pretty good at tying up some loose ends!

13. Koji Koda

Oh sweet little Koda. Sweet sweet guy. His love of animals is just like Snow White’s. It’s cute that he tries so hard to make sure that the animals are okay, and that he’s super scared of bugs. Especially because he looks like a tough guy! I mean look at him! He has a literal rock appearance, which is adorable because this whole time he was this big strong looking dude that really is a marshmallow in every aspect! Guys like that always get me in the end. The only problem is: what do you do when no animals around? His quirk wouldn’t really be helpful in a plane crash situation or something like that right? Maybe he should stick to the ground..

12. Mina Ashido

Okay okay, I know she isn’t that high on my list, but when we’re in need of a little comedic relief or just a bubbly personality, she definitely fits what I’m looking for! Besides, who doesn’t love a little pink-alien looking girl that throws acid everywhere? Sure she isn’t as powerful as everyone else, but I do enjoy her and her super unique character design. She may not become the most powerful hero, but she’ll have a special place in my heart for sure!

11. Momo Yaoyorozu

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I had no idea that her first name was Momo for a really long time. Like until Season 3. Yeah, I know they showed her name before hand, plenty of times in fact, but it never really registered with me! She’s a cute little rich girl that’s honestly rather innocent. It’s refreshing to see a character with lots of wealth but also not trying to flaunt it! I enjoy that aspect of her, and so do her classmates. Not only that, but she works hard, and she for sure knows basically every single aspect of her quirk. It’s fascinating as well, especially how much detail goes into how exactly her quirk works. I like that little detail, and it definitely makes me like her even more!

10. Eijiro Kirashima 

The little best bud of Bakugo- lets talk about Kirashima! Besides his extremely spiky hair and gears on his shoulders, this guy just screams tough guy when he’s wearing his hero outfit. In reality, he’s a chill dude that just want his friends to stay safe and to have some fun along the way! Not to mention his quirk- I mean come on, it can be used for both defense and offense. Sure not as flexible as other character quirks, but it still does a good deal for him in battle! He’s tough! I applaud him for his progress, even if I still confuse his last name with Denki’s!

9. Denki Kaminari

Denki Kaminari. Probably the guy to go to when you need a phone charged, but also the guy you want on your side just for his sweet nature. Sure he fries his brain every single time he fires off too much electricity, but you want to know what? There’s a REASON he gives thumbs up you know!! It’s to make sure everyone else knows that he’s okay!! If that’s not sweet I don’t know what is!! Besides, who wouldn’t love a guy who tries so hard to seem “cool” that his room looks like a mix and match of absolute random crap!

8. Kyoka Jiro

Jiro is probably one of my favorite characters Quirk wise. No, not favorite because of it being strange or unique, I just generally like it. True, she has earbud looking things connected to her earlobes, but it’s interesting to watch just how she’s able to use them! I mean, she sticks them into walls, the ground, even her boots when she wants to project her heartbeat. Pretty darn good if I do say so myself. Besides, I’m a sucker for music, and this girl totally has that theme to her. Rock on!

7. Ochaco Uraraka

Oh sweet Uraraka. Even though I misspelled your name so many times, I still really do enjoy your cute little antics. Even before I watched the show, I’d seen drawings of her and Deku as a ship pair. After I’d seen the anime though, I definitely agree! She’s sweet, innocent, caring, and really doesn’t sweat the small stuff. What’s even cuter is how she tries to hide her affection for Izuku! Her Quirk is interesting, if not amusing because of what happens if she uses it too often. It does make sense, but to me it truly is just amusing. In full honestly, I’d love seeing some more arcs dedicated to her, and her finding the true meaning of being a hero. That would be so cute wouldn’t it?

6. Tenya Iida

Oh Iida. The strange yet amusing smart boy who believes in the rules 100%! His funny little hand chopping actions really make this for an interesting character, and quite frankly his weird collection of glasses is pretty funny too! Although he has a difficulty in controlling his emotions when he’s effected directly, he’s trying hard wants to be the best person he could ever be! He’s still got a long way to go, but I’d say one of the only reasons he isn’t higher is the random lapses in judgement. Sometimes he does well, sometimes he decides to throw all good ideas out the window! Just depends on the day I guess!

5. Tsuyu Asui

Little Tsu. She’s probably a decently popular character to like watching. Sure her frog makes her frog like and have eyes that are slightly too big, she’s adorable and truly wants what’s good for everyone around her. She works hard, and honestly there aren’t that many times where I remember her complaining at all about how hard something was. Her quirk really lets her be flexible in battle, which in full honesty, is probably one of the most important quirks to have if you’re going to be fighting a full fledged villain. Bravo little Tsu! Keep on hopping!

4. Fumikage Tokoyami 

Okay, yeah he’s probably not the character you’d expect at my number four! But he is, cause quite frankly I like his personality a tad more than Uraraka’s or even Iida’s. He works hard for the power he has, and stands out tremendously in Class 1-A. His quirk basically lets him control a shadow form (if I’m understanding it correctly..) and quite frankly he’s well known to defend the friends he’s got. Sure he goes a little out of control when it’s pitch black outside, but he’s working harder than ever to suppress that part of himself. His room is hilarious too, and he was even shy about it. How cute is that?

3. Katsuki Bakugo

Ah yes. The hot head. These kind of characters always seem to make it high on my ranked lists don’t they? Spiky hair, bad attitude, all of it kinda just seems to make it far on my favorite character lists. Sure he’s got himself some serious social… issues for wanting to become a hero, but he’s got some guts, and he’s determined to win. Both of those are good traits to have for someone who wants to go into a career that specifically caters to that sort of thing. Besides, his quirk, even though destructive, can seriously help during a battle against multiple enemies. Yeah his attitude is shot sometimes, but hey, he’s started to warm up, and that’s always a good sign for me!

2. Izuku Midoriya

Oh the adorable little fluff Izuku. In full honesty, he was my favorite character up until I met good old number one. This little guy is completely determined every day to get to his goals, and yeah he may not be the most powerful hero yet, but he’s sure to get there! Even when his um.. friend Kacchan brings his spirits down, he never seemed to give up his dream to become just like his idol! He also sends a pretty darn good message about power and who should be holding it. Just because he didn’t have a flashy quirk, well, we all know that didn’t stop him from trying to help those he saw. He’s got a pure heart, and that’s really something we should all strive for. It’s a good trait to have, and honestly, it really shines in this show.

1. Shoto Todoroki

Yeah I know! I know this is probably not who you guys wanted to see first. A lot of people love little Shoto. But you know what? He’s ADORABLE. I love him. He’s seen as this badass who doesn’t fear anything, and can beat anyone if he puts his mind to it. In reality however, he’s a sweet little innocent boy who loves soba and is convinced he’s the killer of hands! He totally, without a doubt believes in hard work and hates his garbage dad with a passion! Nothing gets passed this adorable little detective, as he for, for awhile at least, was convinced that Deku was All Might’s secret love child! He’s by far one of the most interesting characters in the show, and I for one think that it gets him pretty far! So yeah he’s my favorite, so what? He deserves to be here!!

And that my friends was my attempt at making a decent list of all the characters of class 1-A! I know we didn’t see much of the characters in general, but hey, so far I really love them all.. well.. most of them anyway. So even if we don’t get to see much of Mina, Momo, or even Sero, what we do see of them is consistent and fun.

So what did you guys think of my rankings? Should some be moved around? Should I tackle any other My Hero conversations? Who knows! Only time will tell, unless one of you, my friends, has a hidden Quirk of their own hiding in the shadows..

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