How to Survive: Anime Convention Edition

The anime convention is probably one of the more notable events that happens that everyone tends to notice. Whether for the crazy number of cosplayers, or the odd collection of items fans come home with, everyone tends to have different opinions on them.

What I’ll say though? It’s a blast. I love going to cons. Although I’m rather new to the whole convention idea, I feel like I have a good grasp on what’s going on with this sort of thing. So I thought I should share my view on what people should know when going to conventions.

Just so you all know, I’ve really only been to one convention, so that one is what I’m really basing all my information on. From what I understand, most conventions are the same, they just have slight changes in different factors. I’ll try to make this as interesting as possible, so just bare with me for my normal wisecracks and attempts at humor! So here we go!

The first step on surviving an anime convention: take a step back! Get a deep breath in before you start pacing around the room like a little two year old! Don’t believe me? Well let’s put it into perspective: thousands of anime fans, gathered in one place. They all love anime, some more than others, and some are even dressed up as your favorite characters! The first time I ever went? No joke- I almost burst out jumping up and down in the middle of the convention center. I was in love with the whole idea, and yet I was so scared to ask anyone for their picture. It was such a strange experience, yet I loved it so much. It’s crazy how badly it can effect you, and it’s super important to stay calm. It can get crazy fast, believe me.

Second step is easy and should be considered even before you go. Don’t spend all your money!! You get swept up in the excitement day one and are too excited to do anything! Believe me! In the times I’ve gone I go through money far faster than I ever thought I would. Now I have way more posters than I ever thought I’d need! True now I’m able to geekify my room to my happiness, it’s still ridiculous and should be kept in mind. I know so many times where I’ve seen something that is beyond amazing and I can’t get it because I spent so much money earlier that day or even the day before. Shame. That octocat plush could’ve been mine!!

Finally, the last most important thing to consider is actually two: food and shelter. After a long day at the convention, it feels nice to find somewhere to crash and find something to eat. One very very important thing to know about the convention, however, is this:

You. Will. Eat. Garbage.

No, I don’t mean garbage as in actual trash you found lying about, I mean as in lots and lots of junk food. Now, most if you may be thinking right now, “Oh, I eat junk food all the time that’s not too bad. I can handle that. What, you can’t theanimegeek?”

That answer is simple ladies and gentleman- no. I can not. I do not eat junk all that often, so that really does number on me. So if you’re like me, go ahead and find yourself something okay to eat until you can go off and find something to actually sustain you. But, if you’re the rest of the population, go ahead and eat ’til you’re content. No one’s stopping you.

Then there’s shelter- one of the more important options. Whether that’s spending the nights in a hotel room (which can really ensure your wallet is dying), or bunking at someone’s residence nearby (the better, money saving option), you really do need somewhere to sleep.

For those of you who seem to be lacking the understanding of why we actually need sleep, here’s an important factor. Sleep is vital for your body to function properly, and without enough sleep you can become crabby, irritable, and even aggressive when shooting death glares at the person who bought the last plush that was left in the stand that you were eyeing up for the ENTIRE CONVENTION.. yeah you definitely don’t want that to happen.

Sleep is definitely vital, and an important step in your journey through a convention. But not so important that you miss the fun events that you want to see. Some of these are the raves, parties, and various people who end up getting crazy happy hearing their favorite song, and dance to it awkwardly!

But all in all, anime conventions are a beautiful place to meet people who actually seem to like you, and have similar interests. Your con-self is something that you find and create along the way, and can be very enjoyable. I, for one, would never want to give up the experiences I got there, even if it sucks up all the cash in my wallet.. heh. That sucks. But hey, at least I got a Cowboy Bebop poster with the signature phrase riiigghhtt?

That’s all I’ve got on my survival edition of an anime convention! Sure it’s late, but at least I’ve got myself a little post to add on here! Have any other topics to tackle? Anime to watch, things I missed? Go ahead and let me know! But for now, this is theanimegeek signing off!! Later!

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