Sub or Dub!?

To me, this is a very, very, VERY one sided question of this era. A lot of people don’t even consider this anymore, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. So here I am, and here I’ll stay until I share my side. 

What do you watch more of? Sub or Dub? 

For most, this is an easy answer. Who would watch dub? Dub stinks. Sub is better for various reasons. The translations are terrible, and so are the voice actors. For me? Well here’s the short answer:

I watch both! Sub, dub, whatever I can get my hands on. Only find dub? Don’t mind if I do! Have to watch sub? Sure! Just means that I’ll have to pay more attention to what’s going on. 

I honestly don’t mind, nor do I see the importance of the difference between them. For me, I tend to watch more dub. Maybe that’s the lazy side of me, but I enjoy being able to focus on the scenery rather than reading what the characters say. Yeah, I do enjoy dub, but you know what?

Todd Haberkorn is a seriously talented voice actor. You can almost never catch where he is, no matter the character he plays. Not to mention the irritation of the villains he does. Bravo. But without watching dub, you wouldn’t understand that fact. In fact, there are quite a few voice actors in the anime world that are extremely talented, if not few in numbers. Some of the more popular actors are used again and again. But to be fair, they are still some of my favorite actors of all times.

Sub is nice too, just for experiencing the true original creation of it. Most anime is in sub anyway, especially when you realize that it’s a hell of a lot cheaper for people to do. Don’t even get me started on switching back and forth between them though- that’s when I really can’t stand it.

I mean, seriously. You get used to one set of voices, and then you can’t change mid way. It gets super, super confusing, and honestly not as entertaining. This tends to happen to me when on YouTube trying to find funny anime compilations. I mean, seriously, why is Todoroki’s voice so deep? He’s not Batman.

Although this was a shorter post, don’t worry. I have plenty of things to talk about for later posts. I’ll definitely be sharing them as soon as I can! Who knows what I have in store for these posts. I’ll be sure to discuss a new anime movie I’ve seen, as well as go over briefly my first thoughts of a remake of one of my favorite anime.

Stay here and stay geeky everyone! theanimegeek is signing off for now, and as always, feel free to share what YOU want me to discuss on this blog! Later!

2 Replies to “Sub or Dub!?”

  1. I’m the same way! I can watch Sub or Dub. Whenever I come across a cast of really talented American voice actors, I have to watch the dub. For example, Crispin Freeman as Alucard in “Hellsing” and “Hellsing Ultimate”. I am in love with his voice!


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