In my many, and I mean many years of anime, there are few things that hit me harder than live actions.

Whether it be the live action of Attack on Titan, which came out in 2015, or the more recent Death Note adaption, I have a large distaste for them. Maybe that’s just me, or maybe all of you out there agree. But I have one thing to note:


I don’t care if people are trying to make more money off the series, or if they think they can do better than the ones that came before- either way it’s always a flop. There’s so many things that can go wrong- especially if you look at plot.

There’s nothing that can anger fans more than if you throw random scenes in there just for more screen time. That, or in my opinion, completely ignore character design to be creative. You won’t be able to recognize the character if it looks nothing like them, which ends up being more confusion rather than triumphant applause. They never will.

Certain actors can bring more light to the series if they truly understand the character. Look at Ryuk from Death Note, his actor being William Defoe. Bring out the applause, because that man can play Ryuk. Incredible. Not many can pull of creepy, eerie Ryuk. But this guy topped all I could’ve hoped for.. but that’s as far as the praise can go.

Sure, Netflix’s take is interesting for sure, and yes, I know I am talking about Death Note here, but the movie just was too violent for Death Note.. I guess that just doesn’t agree with me.

But anyways, let’s stay on track shall we?

Overall, I believe that live actions just can’t be done well. No matter the subject. Sure there can be different elements that are promising, but really there isn’t a good live action. Whether it be Avatar the Last Air bender or Attack on Titan, it just doesn’t work. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Plot
  2. Character Design/Personality
  3. Setting

Yes folks, that’s all. I believe that these are the founding fathers that can make, or yes break, a live action.

As stated earlier, you can’t just change a character’s appearance or personality. To truly recognize the character, you must be able to relate them back to the original anime character. You can’t change hair color or hair style without having a moment of doubt. Who is that character? Who are they supposed to be? Why are they acting differently? These are all things that I have asked myself while watching a live action.

Next, plot line. You can’t change the ideals of the anime without confusing others. Take the Full Metal Alchemist live action. Most of that didn’t quite make sense, and none of it really related back to either of the anime. They combined plot and characters from both, and honestly it wasn’t well done. Just stop Netflix, really just stop.

Finally, setting. I’ll go back to Death Note just for the example, but I guess you now understand that I do dislike that live action very, very greatly. Although not one of the more important categories, its still important to note, especially if it effects the anime.

Setting can be vital when revealing a little more about the characters and their customs, and while I understand bringing a more “American” twist of the anime, it’s still not my favorite move. Half the things that were changed made absolutely no sense and had little to do with the original point of the anime.

It’s really unlikable, and I truly wish that people would stop doing it. but hey, maybe my hatred runs deeper than most people’s , and yet maybe it doesn’t run deep enough. Let’s just hope that they don’t try and attempt a My Hero Academia live action.. yikes.

Buuuttt hey! Maybe that’s just me! Maybe it isn’t! Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are about the ever terrible Live Action ideas.. ergh.

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