Cutest Characters in the Animeverse

Anime characters, like anything, has a wide variety when it comes down to it. Sure plots may be the same, and yeah, it can have some general concepts and ideas explored, but they all have one thing that tends to stay pretty darn different between them all. This, is the character personalities. They each take on a unique reaction to any sort of event that tends to happen. Although I could go on and on about this kind on topic, I’m going to focus on what special kind: the cutest.

Now we all have favorite characters, but do we have favorite cutest characters? I certainly do, as I’m sure most of you do as well. I’m going to explore my favorite adorable characters, and although they may be obvious or even a character everyone loves, I still want to talk about it. Because hey, who doesn’t want to? This fuzzy little topic is sure to melt your heart. Here are some of my favorite characters of all time in anime, and the reasons why.

Alphonse Elric (Full Metal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Oh Al, although you don’t make my sexiest characters, you sure are one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. Since the original (which is far superior my dear readers), Al has been trapped inside his suit of armor.. well at least his soul is. Because of that fact, it’s surely obvious that his little soul hasn’t been able to mature much further than his original body did. But it’s so cute!

He truly cares for his big bro Edward, and all in all, sure he wants to get his body back, but deep down we all know that Al wants his brother happy, to move on, and to finally shut up and drink his milk. Seriously. Calcium deficiencies people. They’re real.

And who wouldn’t love the little cinnamon roll that just wants to adopt all the homeless animals he can?? Sure Ed, maybe you can’t necessarily feed the kitten little tins of kitten food, but I’m sure you can give ’em a little fishie!! Isn’t it technically giving back to the universe? We’ll never know!

Kisa Sohma (Fruits Basket)

With the new remake of Fruits Basket upon us, I felt like I just had to add her to the list. Kisa is truly the representation of what an adorable little kid can be. What makes her all the better is how much she’s been through.

Now let me explain! I’m not saying major bullying causes someone to be adorable, I’m saying that even though she’s gone through so much, and even gave up talking, eventually she becomes a trooper, determined to get to a better place in life. She is adorable. Her sweet little quite nature and her love for the main character Tohru Honda is just the sweetest thing in the whole world.

Even with Hiro following her around, she still gets to win every arguement they get into. Not to mention what’s supposed to be one of the most fierce animals of the Chinese Zodiac (besides the dragon most likely), is the sweetest most friendly little tiger around. Sure she bit Tohru, but hey, you’d be startled too. I love how much she sticks to her character, and follows the second most adorable character from this show, Tohru Honda, through everything. Who can blame me? Have you seen the show? She totally deserves a spot on this list, definitely one that sticks out in my mind when it comes to sheer cuteness.

Let’s hope the new adaption of this splendid, absolute perfect anime includes her as well as they did in the original! Otherwise we’ll be getting a cranky geek over here. Ranting will start guys. This. Show. Is. My. Childhood. Nothing will hold me back. Flames will be released in anger and sadness. Kisa Sohma for the win!

Kanna Kamui (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

Okay, if you didn’t see this coming, we gotta exchange some words. She is the absolute CUTEST DRAGON EVER. Look at her!! I don’t care if she’s older than any of us, I don’t care if she’s a meme, none of that matters now! Look at this little sweetheart! All she wants is to be loved by Miss Kobayashi, and bonded like a sister with Tohru (the dragon, not Fruit Basket Tohru guys). She’s innocent as can be, and wants to understand everything.

Kanna is cute and she knows it. Even if it means manipulating the people around her juuuussst a little bit. But in the end it all works out so honestly I don ‘t mind one bit! This little one stole my heart at the start of the show, and I never let go!

Oh man could I go on forever about this anime. Forever. Kanna is a perfect little sweet dragon. She is too good for the world that we live in . Why do I say this you ask? Well, if you go on the interwebs and look up Kanna Kamui, what do you think you find? Sweet little adorable videos of her, yes, but also something far darker and twisted. Why internet, why do you have to sexualize her? This sweet little marshmallow? I mean sure there are a few moments where she gets a little too close with her friend, but seriously. She’s drawn as a little kid! She ask like a little kid! It’s sad that this even has to come up in a “Cutest Anime Characters” Post, but here we are. Way to go guys. Ruin it. I can’t even keep talking about how cute she is. Let’s move on. You ruined it.

Platelet (Cells at Work)

Of course these little ones were going to be on the list. There’s no way we could’ve thought past them. Every single one of them- but especially the main platelet, are perfect adorable little cells.

Yes, yes, I know that technically Platelets are just cell fragments, but there’s nothing stopping them from being actual cells. But hey, being a bit of a human anatomy nerd can do that to ya.

But back to the point at hand- they’re so cute!! They work very hard and do their best to help their big sisters and brothers. Everything. Even if that means diving head first into the very depths of the evil trying to infect and destroy the body. They always do the very best they can- and I’m sure we can all appreciate the work they do!!

It would be great if there was one, but there’s boat load of them in the human body- and it’s adorable!! How could you say no to helping these little guys unload boxes? Or protect them from dangers? Or even just help them through the world? The answer to that is no, you couldn’t help but to aid in their goals! It’s worth it, and it’s worth seeing them on screen.

But that’s all I got for now my wonderful people! I know it’s been awhile but I’ve been a bit busy! Are there any other characters I’ve missed? Are there any ones that I didn’t do justice to? Please do tell!

Want any more posts? Want me to watch an anime and review it? Any other top tens? Discussions? Rants? Let me know!! Because for now, theanimegeek is signing off!

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