The Promised Neverland- Discussion!

Guys its a spoiler warning!!! For realz!!

Hello everyone! theanimegeek is back and has a lot to talk about! I was in the middle of working on what should be an amusing post, but I took a break and started watching one of three anime I decided to. Between Haikyu and Cells at Work, I’m having a handful with Crunchyroll.

From the helpful land of YouTube and akidearest, I picked up this anime on a whim. As I’ve realized more and more people liked it, I got more interested and found a night where I was bored. That’s when this all started, and in the span of three days I finished it all. The last day was literally just finishing half an episode because I’m actually social for once!

This anime, for those who are unaware and ignored my spoiler warning/don’t care, is interesting. The show revolves around a large group of kids 11 and under, and live in an orphanage. Kids come and go from it, leaving with foster parents. They live happily, and all leave by age 12 with a family.. strange right?

I mean, first things off the bat, that’s honestly not how foster care works, it could be years until someone takes kids. You never see the adults, never hear from them again, and the only adult you even see is “Mom”. They aren’t allowed to go across this two foot fence, and there’s only one gate out.

..Yeah. It turns out that they don’t leave with foster parents. They’re livestock. The orphanage is a farm, and they are shipped to be eating by demons. And not just any ol’ demons. The richest demons.

Basically, Season One revolves around the oldest kids: Emma, Ray, and Norman, and their plans to escape. They have to escape while making sure no other kids are shipped out, while trying to stay under the radar of the suspicious mother.

I’m blown away. Even though that summary wasn’t any good, they were so many moments I was stunned with this show. These kids are able to plan and keep themselves safe, and were incredible. These kids are freaking intelligent, an aspect that is important for their farm life. Apparently a smart child is a yummy child.

The trio are a wide variety of personality and skills. Emma is sweet, kind, and athletic, while Norman is charming and smart beyond belief. Ray is just overall emo, but he’s overwhelmingly good at being a tactician. If anyone could do the job, it’s these guys, right?

Wrong. The show likes to screw everyone over, and you discover that little Ray is working for mother as a spy. They send in “Sister” Krone, and of all things, Isabella (aka, “Mom”) breaks Emma’s leg.

The story is beautiful, and with a handful of clues you can’t come close to figuring out what is going to happen next. Escaping from the plant is near impossible, and they make sure you know it. Tracking devices, small children, and a freaking cliff are in the way.

Not to mention they kill of Norman! The sweet little boy that saved his friends for their safety, and because he totally liked Emma. Granted they never truly showed his death, so anything could’ve happened, but I’m a little back and forth if he truly died.

Not to mention one of the sickest things in the show- Ray’s commitment to protecting Emma and his small little family. Setting yourself on fire? What the heck, how would you go about planning that? For the most part Ray was cool, calm, and collected, but his whole persona changed. He was spastic, random, and flat out insane. I was relieved when Emma saved him from his own demise, glad Norman let her know. I was rather frightened that Emma would’ve been the last 11 year old left.

I keep raving about the plot, I always love a good story, or good story telling techniques. Characters are beautiful, and if their relationships with others are at least somewhat fresh I always will go for it. The symbolism for the blooming flowers that their killed with is absolutely mystifying. And what the hell??? Isabella’s son is Ray?? What kind of motherly affection is that?? How fascinating is the change between survival and giving up?? Demanding that the children sent to their death give up or raise more in this terrible cycle??

Okaayy lets keep going. I feel like the sound and music cues were pretty darn good for this show. Anime really believes in moving emotional moments with music, and it truly works well in this show. You feel what the characters are feeling, and there were a few times where I was moved to tears. Trust me, that hasn’t happened since Violet Evergarden.

All the time I’m looking for amazing anime, something that catches my attention. Sometimes I like anime for the goofy oddball characters. Sometimes for the adorable ones. There are only a few anime that I love just for pure story and fascinating interactions. But hey, I’ve also not watched tons of the extremely popular newer ones, so I’ll be on the lookout for ones that are interesting.

I can’t wait for Season Two in 2020. So many questions come up. What will Season 2 be about? The kids on the farms or the kids that’ve escaped? Will the kids that have escaped find the humans that aren’t being eaten? Will the kids from other farms ever see the truth? Who is Minerva, the person who hid secret messages in the books? Will we ever see the fall of this society? I can’t wait to find out!!

And that’s all I can really say about this for now! Any questions? Be sure to let me know! and that’s theanimegeek signing off!

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