My Confusion- Something I Never Understood

Hello guys, yes I’m back, and I want to touch upon something that I have never understood in the minds of quite a few anime fans. Maybe it’s just where I grew up, or maybe it’s the kinds of fans that I hang out with. All I know that what I’m about to talk about is either misconception or a stigma associated.

Why don’t people watch sad anime?

I know this a very strange topic to even consider discussion, but I never quite understood why people were so prone to ignoring what I like to call “the sad anime genre”. There are so many good anime out there, with amazing characters, amazing plot, but are just downright depressing.

Part of me understands that feeling- anime should be action packed or just plain light-hearted. It’s an escape from reality, and in that time we want to drown ourselves in happy or go lucky fighting scenes, scenes that the good guys usually win.

Hard-core fans, or fans like me that like to pretend that their hard core, usually go down the path of multiple genres. For me, I usually watch fantasy with a lot of fight scenes, things like My Hero Academia or Fairy Tail. But I also have favorites in comedy (Ouran Highschool Host Club, or The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.) But right now, I’ve watched some sports anime, my favorite currently being Haikyu!.

Sure, I get it, sad anime just make us all sad, but some of the ones I’ve heard about or watched have amazing story. Sure I haven’t gotten around to watching Your Lie in April, but I’ve watched Violet Evergarden, and bits and pieces of Kill la Kill (do NOT get me started on that show.).

The story is amazing, and can tell a story even better than some of my favorites. My family can confidently tell you that during my Violet Evergarden phase I was crying my eyes out during almost every episode- and I rewatched many of the saddest ones. Her story was beautiful and full of so many different lives and backgrounds- it really shows anyone you meet can have some form of demon of their own. And even though Lost Song wasn’t great, it had its moments too.

So many anime can have so many different impacts on your life, and sometimes the ones that are more down to earth are a good reminder where we are today. I guess that’s really just my opinion, and I know most of you out there haven’t even considered this before. You might have your own reasons for avoiding this kind of anime, and as of right now? I understand that.

To each their own comes to mind when I talk about something like this. I’m not at all saying that you must go watch a sad anime, nor am I saying that you aren’t a true fan of anime if you don’t. I’m simply saying that I don’t quite understand why some people avoid things like this. It doesn’t have to be all the time, sometimes it’s just an interesting idea to talk about.

I’ll be back soon with a more interesting post, and I’m sure it’ll spark some form of humor.. or at least I hope it will. Sorry for the long and boring ramble, but I appreciate it if you made it this far through!

Thank you everyone for reading, but see you in the next one. This is theanimegeek signing off.

2 Replies to “My Confusion- Something I Never Understood”

  1. If you like sad anime, I reccommend you watch the Clannad series. It’s really heart-wrenching and is amazing at controlling the viewer’s emotions and an expert at drama, just a reccommendation >.>


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