…Interesting Characters in Anime

We all know what I’m talking about. In every anime, there is at least one character that either gives us chills or is just plain ‘interesting’. Whether that’s in the form of a creepy character (which is common) or just plain bizarre, anime is the perfect breeding ground for characters of interesting moral values and backgrounds. Today is the day I tackle this in the many anime I’ve seen, although I’ll probably miss many.

Without any further to do, here’s my interesting list of characters!

Hawk – Seven Deadly Sins

For those of you that don’t know, yes this character is an actual pig. His name is Hawk, and from what I remember he’s the Chief of Scrap Disposal from The Boar’s Hat inn. Now, I only watched Season One and part of Season two, as I jump from anime to anime, but honestly all these characters are weird. Hawk especially, with a protective nature and jokingly acts like he’s the most powerful fighter. He’s especially annoyed when Meliodas does something perverted, usually directed towards Elizabeth.

Why is he weird you ask? Why? Well for starters- he’s a talking pig. No not possessed, not enchanted, from what I understand, he’s just a talking pig. Hawk also allowed Meliodas to make an inn on his moms back, like why?? I guess if he wants to be close to his mom sure but that kind of seems cruel, doesn’t it?

I don’t know, I find it weird that he became partners with Meliodas. I never thought they would be friends, and it would be more interesting if he was actually super tough. Who knows, maybe it’s an actual thing later in the series that I haven’t actually seen. I don’t have tons and tons to take about with him, but that’s also because I didn’t watch a lot of this. I’m sure I’ll get around to it soon- it’s on my bucket list believe me.

Tohru- Miss Kobuyashi’s Dragon Maid

Okay okay, I love this show. But I felt like Tohru definitely had a spot on this list. I mean, she’s a dragon that’s extremely obsessed with a human. Not only that, but she calls on a dragon that wants to destroy humans for advice. OH! Let’s not forget that she tries to get Kobuyashi to eat her tail all the time?

Her tail is literally like a lizards. It pops off but grows back in an instant. What? And didn’t she eat her own tail in one of the episodes? Isn’t that like self cannibalism or something? I don’t really know?

Honestly, it’s funny how obsessed she is. She tried so hard to get Kobuyashi to love her. So hard. Even going as far as using a ‘love potion’ (turning out to be alcohol) in a giant chocolate heart. I don’t know, she’s just a riot but so so strange at the same time. Is it just me? I hope not. It is funny how easily she latched onto being a maid though. Quite fun. Quite strange. Also can’t wait for Season 2, come on guys, this was funny. Don’t deny it.

Blaire – Soul Eater

I’ve talked about Soul Eater a lot on this blog, but this might be it for awhile. I kind of ignored Blaire in my original posts, but I always thought she was an odd character. To be fair, the whole show is pretty strange, so I guess that makes sense.

The one thing that’s confused me about this character is why she stuck around Maka and Soul for so long. I mean, she’s a cat right? I understand that she’s interested in Soul, and finds the whole mess fascinating, but gosh she always confused me. Her goals are so selfish, but she makes sure that she gets in all the guys faces. She wants them to see her body. Okay then? That’s one weird cat with magic I guess.

I don’t have a lot to say about her, but I guess that’s mainly because I never quite knew what to say about her. Why is she Halloween themed, why is she so determined to show her body to guys, and why do all the spells sound so weird?? There’s just too much to unpack here, I’m not sure I could explain it all. I probably couldn’t to be fair.

Butt Jiggle Gang- Fairy Tail

Oh. My. God. Do NOT get me started on these guys. WTF Hiro Mashima?! I don’t understand why on Earth you would start something like this. They’re just so GROSS!!!

For the record, if you guys don’t have any idea who these guys are- meet the Butt Jiggle Gang, the trio of “scoundrels” that have fart magic. Quite literally. They *shudder* rub they’re butt cheeks together and produce a fart so stinky and powerful it literally takes Erza Scarlet out of commission.

God these guys are so weird. I just, I just truly can’t with these people. There’s no point. They’re not even good villians. Yes, okay? I get that it’s for comedic relief, but ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I hate them. They’re so weird. Not nearly as weird as Ichiya from this show, but they’re on my hate list. Hmm.. hate list. That might be a good post. Geez guys. don’t get me started on them any more. I’m leaving, I’m done. No more.

Sgt. Keroro- Sargent Frog

Ohhh man guys. You’re in for a treat. This doesn’t look familiar does it? That’s because this show is super unknown, but absolutely beautiful. Meet Sargent Keroro (green) of the Keroro Platoon. His main task?? Take over Earth, and enslave humankind!!

What he ended up doing? – Room mates! He, along with his squad, Tamama (dark blue), Kululu (yellow), Geroro (red), and Dororo (blue), end up befriending humans on a misguided attempt to take over and become buds! Instead of taking Earth over the old fashioned way, they try many, many, many times to take it over by becoming manga superstars or some strange plan Keroro comes up with.

It’s definitely a comedy, but oh god was it weird. They each had a crazy personality, and weird powers. Tamama could literally shoot lasers out of her mouth, and Geroro was a literal soldier who fell in love with a human. Keroro is obsessed with Gundam. What even is this show- talking frog aliens?? This whole show screams bizarre, but childhood is amazing.

Btw, you can totally order this on Funimation website or even watch the first episode free. It’s dubbed, and Natsu Dragneel AND Lucy Heartfilia english voice actors star. What could be better. Applause. Loved it. Highly recommend for something amusing.

Saitama- One Punch Man

Who could forget Saitama- nobody. A potato head who screams after he forgets coupon day. A ‘hero for fun’ who could literally destroy the planet if he set his mind to it. This whole show is wacky, but this guy, this guy is hilarious. He’s your average strange man, but with super strength. Don’t even get me started on the theory my friend and I have on this guy.

But seriously, this guy actually gets sad every time he beats something in one punch, and doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his work. His awkward fights that he sorta just ends up being in, and the sudden change from goofy looking to ultra serious is a riot. And a yellow suit with red boots? Iconic look guys. He’s amazing. Good job guys. Can’t wait until I can watch Season 2, I loved him and Genos.

Don’t even get me started on his attitude, he’s just a perfect example of a strange protagonist in anime. Beautiful, and perfect for memes. Honestly.

So what do you think about my list? Did I forget anyone super obvious? Did I not do any justice? Be sure to let me know!! theanimegeek is gone yet again!!

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