Shokugeki No Soma- Spoiler Version!

It’s been awhile ladies and gentlemen- but have no fear, I haven’t forgotten about you! theanimegeek is back to discuss an anime that’s made its way close to my heart. It’s been a crazy season for me, and I haven’t had much time to delve deeper into the universe of anime. Shortly before I began writing this post, I was surprised to see that I haven’t written about this before- so here we go, and remember- spoiler alert!

Ah, Shokugeki no Soma (otherwise known as Food Wars)- an interesting mix of ideas. Basically the Food Network of anime while also managing to make cooking… sexual? It threw me off the first time I saw it, and to be honest, how over the top they made it in episode one was a little intense.

I fell in love with Soma Yukihara the more I got to know him- he was the jackass of his world. Cocky, confident, yet also having the pure skill and creativity it takes to back it all up. And holy cow. Just look at one of the many dishes he’s managed to pull off:

With the intense culinary education and schooling these high schoolers’ have, it’s crazy to think a single one of them would flunk out.. but it’s extremely common. only 10% of students accepted graduate, everyone else expelled. The classes are top notch, and parents beg on their knees to allow their kids to stay in school. Every single person who graduates become five-star chefs, sought out all over the world. Basically? They’re set for life.

Soma on the other hand? Well he grew up running a little diner- the exact opposite of most, if not all of his classmates. And to make matters worse, the first thing he says to them is that he will beat them all… you can imagine he wasn’t very popular.

Wow did things change fast. He became apart of a dorm relatively quickly, and gained a quick following. The term ‘following’ meaning he destroyed everyone in a shokugeki, and then they realize how awesome he is.

For those of you who haven’t seen the show, a Shokugeki is a culinary battle. You choose a dish, or ingredient, and cook a delicious meal for a panel of judges. This can either be done as a team or as an individual, and the stakes can be dangerously high. Such as being expelled or having your knives taken away.

One thing that I loved about the whole show was the totally different cooking style that every character possessed. Soma of course loved diner food (he was raised in a diner with his father), the Aldini brothers cook Italian, Satoshi (naked apron man) cooks intense Japanese food, and Kuga (yellow hair) cooks spicy Chinese. There’s so much variety throughout the whole series and it’s very enjoyable over all.

…then everything went incredibly downhill. Like really bad. One character (for the sake of time will remain nameless) has their father come to town, and he literally kicks the headmaster out of power. And what happens when he’s kicked out of power? Well, then everything becomes micromanaged.

Micromanaged in the sense that no one was allowed to have their own cooking style. And you can imagine that didn’t go very well… not at all. It was a little bad to begin with, and as of the time being, the show (at least on Crunchyroll) is in the most stressful season yet.

I’ll stop it there for now ladies and gentlemen. I profusely apologize for the wait, man does time fly when anxiety overwhelms you! I’ll be sure to come back soon with a far better conversation topic at hand- one that’ll be sure to put your trust back into me.

Yet again, sorry everyone. I’ll see you all soon!


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