My Brand New Obsession: Death Parade

Lately, I have been looking further in the depths of online streaming subscriptions. For the most part, I’ve found that they are either a hit or a miss. Netflix is alright and slowly growing, Crunchyroll has always been a close favorite, but today? Oh today I’ve found an anime that I’ve quickly grown to love; one that I’ve been curious about for a few years now.

Now, when it comes to online subscriptions, it’s hard to find exact anime. You more or less find popular stuff and that’s about it. So when I explored Hulu, I was surprised by their decent selection of anime. It gave me a chance to look into an anime I’ve been interested in for quite some time: Death Parade.

Besides its well-known and incredibly bizarre opening, it’s always caught my eye because of the titling. I’ve always found the theme of ‘death’ in anime commonplace, however you can find some ethically interesting plots every now and then.

And man! Death Parade did a splendid job looking further into this scope. The whole concept of judging souls from an impartial soul really rings with the idea of purgatory. And the man character (Decim- white hair in the picture below), is such a common personality type but such a marshmallow.

It’s interesting to toy with the idea of how, ideally, humans would be judged. Why an impartial judge (called Arbiters in this series) that doesn’t understand human emotion? Why are there different judges for those that die at the same time? And would ‘drawing out’ the inner darkness really show you who they are? Death is a scary thing for pretty much everyone, and almost everyone would lash out right?

The characters are cliche, yet I quite enjoy that they spun the normal idea of ‘heaven or hell’ into ‘reincarnation or the void’. It’s not too far off the idea sure, but changing everything up every once and awhile is great.

Sure I’m not quite.. finished.. but I think I’m far enough to share what I think about this whole crazy situation.

Why is Ginti so weird about judgement? Why on earth did you name Decim that?

Okay yes, it’s totally a good anime name. Decim. Very good. Very nice. But his bar is named “Quindecim”. Guess who was the arbiter before Decim? That’s right, her name was Quin. good job everyone. Let’s give a few claps for creativity!

Why would you name them after the bar? Is the bar that important?? I don’t understand in the slightest. Do Arbiters sleep? Do they have to eat? If they don’t eat, they can’t die so what happens? I have so many questions out of pure curiousity.

At times I don’t know what to think, and there are so many times where the show just verified how dark it could get. Now, as you could probably guess, I’m not the kind of gal to watch super dark anime. So it always cool to expand your horizons right?

The mannequins. Oh my gosh let me tell you about Decim’s mannequins. I know the reasoning behind them is sweet, but really? Dude, Decim, you’re dressing up people’s old bodies and setting them up in really creepy ways. They’re watching people get judged? That’s half of the planets greatest fear. Especially that you treat hem delicately. good job. Good job dude. Creepy, yet I love how adorable he is still. I can’t handle it. Ahhh the cutie.

Ginti is pretty high up there though as well. I just see him more as a Katsuki Bakugo type, not a Shoto Todoroki. (For new comers, Todoroki is near and dear to my heart :))

That’s all I got to say for now everyone! I know it’s kind of sad that I can’t quite note upon the ending, however I’ll probably add an edit when I finish the show. Will they ever write a Season Two? The world will never know!

Questions? Is there something I should watch? Let me know! I’d be happy to get in touch. There we have it, here’s theanimegeek, gone once again.

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