My thoughts: How Should My Hero Academia End?

With everything going on in the world today, I’ve been a little checked out when it comes to deep thoughts. So in that way, I’ve not been able to find anything new to talk about (although, I will say, another part of me is just incredibly lazy and just watches reruns). But, after it’s all said and done and I’m done with school for awhile, I decided to jump back in and try and figure out what to talk about next. So, I just decided to discuss this interesting idea that I had awhile ago. (Most of this was written before the pandemic started, so don’t be confused by the timeline!!).

Catching my close friend up on the newest season of My Hero Academia (no, we’re not caught up, but I do have some words about the season), I started thinking about the general facts. Not the plot necessarily, but the art style and dialogue. That’s when it hit me.

Isn’t a big portion of My Hero Academia narrated by a future Deku?

I mean, I don’t put huge amount of thought into the narrator of an anime. Even though I like to think I’m a hard-core fan, I do slip up on little details such as this. Sure, I may have realized it or agreed if someone told me it was narrated by him, but then it would slip my mind.

Anyway, continuing on with my lovely little idea.

Future Deku talks about the events that the audience sees explaining what could’ve been imagined later on. How hard it was, and how inspirational it was to Deku later on in life. He comments on what was truly going on inside his own mind, and how it impacted him in his career. You only get bits and pieces of his thoughts, but it gives a lot of insight to the persona Deku develops later on.

Now, recalling what I just stated, does any of that ring any bells? Does all of that persona and storytelling give way to a new ending to the show? No? Let me explain.

It’s a speech ladies and gentlemen. A speech to the next generation of heroes. No no, not the generation we see now. Not Shoto, Katsuki, Seto, or Uraraka. The generation after. The heroes that come after them.

The students we know and love are heroes. The graduation class of UA are unknown to us.

Now imagine this:

All of Deku’s lines, all his inspirational details sprinkled throughout a story. The story of how they defeated villains, how they overcame the odds, and about comrades. Deku’s story explaining the pain and suffering of what life really is, how unfair it can be, and how turning down your pride can really blow everyone away.

Class 1-A side by side on a large stage outside. It’s graduation day for the new class, the trees rustling peacefully. The new students are there, listening intently to the story of Deku, how he became who he was, and how he learned many of the life lessons on his path. The other heroes look onto him, some smiling to themselves because he’s been the way he’s always been- some who didn’t understand are hit with a sudden realization about who Deku is. There’s crying, hearing about the massacres of the past, and also determination to never let something like that happen again.

His story is complex, and will anger some. Outraged with each and every jump they had to go through. Nothing was easy. Maybe his story rings a bell in the hearts of some students, and probably helps them understand things they didn’t before. Everyone is an equal. It doesn’t matter if they are quirkless or not, if their quirk is deemed ‘weak’. Everyone can be a hero.

The cherry blossoms fall peacefully on this day, and with inspirational last words he looks at his friends. They accomplish all their goals, and it rings with truth and finality.

Even though my words don’t fully capture this beautiful concept of a moment, I really hope that some of these words made sense to you. Unless by some miracle they end the series that way, I’m not sure anybody will truly see my perfect end to a fantastic moving story. A good ending is important to me, and I hope that the series ends on some positive note, as the story is constantly spread with hope and determination.

Because of Izuku’s narration throughout the show as if commenting on the past, it just made sense that he’d be talking to students that were once him. He deals with a lot of emotions that I’m sure we face- maybe we’re not stressing about quirks, but we contemplate our worth. We fight for determination, and we admire those who seem to possess traits we desire. It’s not just Izuku’s story, but he plays a huge role in the series, and seeing Izuku fully accomplish his goal, along with the other students? It would just leave a good taste in my mouth.

What do you guys think about how the series should end? Did I do a bad time explaining? Should I attack this topic again? You all know that I’m open to suggestion, so feel free to if you so wish. If not, well, this anime fan will be tackling subjects one and a time until I find something new to look at. This is theanimegeek, signing off for now (but hopefully not long!)

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